Pneumatic components, systems & spares

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Centralised lubrication systems & spares

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Hydraulic system, spares and components

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Industrial Electricals spares, components and system

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Our services will meet all of your manufacturing application supply needs. Whether you want regular, non-metric, or products in specific area of expertise – we at SUKAN have what you require at value you can afford. Our team of highly-skilled industry professionals has vast market expertise that can help you identify and develop better an economical product - anything from finding a reputable system to locating reliable products you need. SUKAN fully understands the importance of working with a qualified team of experts. We have a varied team of experts including dedicated global trade specialists and international trade degree holders, who are identified in the industry for their marketplace acquaintance and product knowledge. Many of our commerce professionals are specialized on the relations with the countries with which we have constant business relationships [ United Arab Emirates ( U.A.E.), United States ( U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, China, Japan, Russia, Italy and many other countries] thus allowing us to better understand the precise necessities of a particular client or country and with the language capability to make stronger, more varied networks.

From purchase entrance to deliverance of the product, our duty is to accomplish client fulfillment through superiority distribution at the lowest cost to our clients. We look forward to helping your requests now and in the future. Our group of professionals and specialists in their fields has built a status by providing exceptional customer service, market brainpower and proficiency, combined with competitive pricing, distinct products, timely and instant shipping and strong global partnerships. All this is allowing us to supply the best product at the best price. SUKAN provides a wide variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, centralized lubrication systems, industrial electrical products and services and our target is to provide you with considerate, useful, professional service of the highest level.

Combine this expertise with the 30 years of total employee experience and hundreds of hours a year dedicated to learning the most up-to-date product knowledge and you will have the confidence of knowing that hydraulic, pneumatic, centralized lubrication systems, industrial electrical solutions you may need are in the best possible hands.

SUKAN also offers excellent after sales services for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty to one of the highest levels in the branch. We are able to help our client in several important ways, when they choose to be supplied by us with their hydraulic, pneumatic, centralized lubrication systems or industrial electrical solutions.

We offer full support over our products’ lifetime with possibility of easy and reliable repairs of our equipment both inside and outside of the warranty terms. This is combined with the full replacement parts stock that we keep for our products and which is here for all of our clients, should they need a spare part.

Even more satisfactory are our warrantee services, which include immediate replacements for under warranty period products and express service and support for the whole period of the warranty.

Our services cover the full range of products that we offer and include spare parts, service, repairs and support for:

  • Pneumatic components, systems & spares(valves, cylinders, pumps, presses)
  • Centralized lubrication systems & spares (pumps, timers, accessories)
  • Hydraulic systems, spares and components (pumps, kits, valves, cylinders, press, accessories) 
  • Industrial Electrical spares, components and systems.