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ISO 6431


Series ‘F’ magnetic piston cylinders are completely interchangeable with equivalent imported or Indian pneumatic cylinders as per ISO 6431 International standards. (Sizes: 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 160 & 200mm. Stroke: up to 2500 mm) These cylinders are designed to function under severe Indian environmental conditions & have undergone rigorous trials under actual loads.

Salient Features:

  1. Accurately honed extruded AluminIum section cylinder barrel with integral tie rods for streamlined appearance, alignment and easy mounting of reed switches.
  2. Special profile cushion seal cum large flow non return valve for instant, jerk free reversal of cylinder & smooth decelaration.
  3. Special profile ‘U’ type piston seals for low friction and zero leakage.
  4. Fine taper cushion screws on port side for easy accessibility.
  5. Mounting can be attached without dismantling the cylinder because of internal threads in end cover screws.
  6. Piston rod centreless ground and hard chrome plated.
  7. Specially compounded rod wiper seal with secondary ‘U’ seal.
  8. ‘U’ type primary piston rod seal.
  9. Long length piston rod bearing.
  10. Long length cushion boss for guaranteed deceleration at high speeds of operation.
  11. Permanent magnet for actuation of reed switches provided as standard for 32 to 100 mm. bores.
  12. Filled PTFE wear strip prevents scoring of barrel when cantilever forces act on the piston rod.