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Hydro Pneumatic Presses

Hydro Pneumatic presses are an ideal replacement for expensive hydraulic presses for varied applications such as riveting, forming, clamping, bending straightening, marketing, punching etc. low investment, energy saving negligible, maintenance, fast action and infinite control over force and speed are the major advantages over equivalent hydraulic systems.


Salient Features:

  • Fast Action: 2T @ 100 cycle/min.(CPM), 4T @ 60 CPM, 8T @ 40 CPM, 15T & 30T @ 20 CPM.
  • Compact, light weight & vibration free: Can be mounted on existing work benches without any foundation.
  • Versatile: Force & speed can be varied infinitely. Machine can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Energy efficient: 50% to 70% saving over equivalent hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Low cost: Upto 60% cheaper then hydraulic presses.
  • Safety: True, non tie down, interlocked Two Hand Safety operation.
Sequence of Opration:

There are three stages of opration,

  1. Initial low force, longe travel, fast approach.
  2. High force, short travel (6, 12, or 24 mm), Power stroke.
  3. Low force, high speed, retraction.

The low force approch and retrection at 5 bar pressure results in upto 70% savings in energy.