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Pneumatic Transfer Pump

It is pneumatically operated.
Pneumatic Pressure is: 4-6 kg/cm2.
Discharge: 400 gms/min for grease 10 1pm for oil.
Transfer Pressure: 100 kg/cm2.
Both versions available i.e. for Oil and Grease.
Suitable for barrel 200 kg and 20 kg.
Available with follower plate for Grease application.
Suitable for Grease up to NLG-3
Can be supplied with automatic control.




  • Transfer of oil/grease from Barrel.
  • Can be used for lubrication with the help of control for any plant app-lication.
  • Can be used for making Mist (Lubrication) as well as for Single Shot Progressive Lubrication, for Oil/Grease in any Plant application.
  • With the help of digital display at gun for oil, metered dispensing is possible.