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Hand Operated Piston Pumps

This is a piston pump and has oil reservoir of different capacity. The pump discharges oil on pulling the handle. The  piston returns to its original position by spring force and pressure reduces approx. 1kg/cm2 in the lubrication line. When piston is operated oil is ejected out from the outlet of the piston pump under pressure.

This system works with the help of check valve provided at the Intel and pressure reducing system. Pump is fitted with a relief valve to safeguards it from overloading. There is an oil window fixed on the body to observe oil level. This pump is suitable for oil with viscosity between 10 & 220°c St/40°c. The details of these pumps are given below.

MP–250-4 Discharge –4cc per stroke, Reservoir cap. 0.25 Ltr.,Pr.setting 12kg.

Discharge-6cc pre stroke, Reservoir cap. 0.60 Ltr., Pr. Setting  15 kg


Discharge-10cc per stroke, Reservoir cap.1.70 Ltr.,Pr. Setting 20 Kg


Discharge-4cc per stroke, Reservoir cap.0.40Ltr., Pr.Setting 12 kg.

MP-700-6 Spl.*

Discharge-6cc per stroke, Reservoir cap. 0.70 Ltr., Pr.Setting 15 Kg.

MP-1000-10 Spl.*

Discharge-10cc per stroke, Reservoir cap. 1.00 Ltr.,Pr. Setting 20 kg

*Transparent reservoir