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Haldex announces that the new F15 Ferra Series Pump

The Hydraulic Systems Division of Haldex announces that the new F15 Ferra Series Pump has been released and has many applications for the Construction, Agricultural and IC Lift Truck markets.

The Hydraulics Business Unit of the Haldex Hydraulic Systems Division is a leading supplier of electro-hydraulic power systems, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.  Customers include the world’s major manufacturers of forklift trucks, construction equipment, turf care and agricultural equipment, aerial work platforms and heavy trucks.

Haldex Hydraulics Systems F15 series gear pumps is the result of Haldex extensive experience in the off-road vehicle market.  Proven design elements enhanced by new technology have created a product of very high efficiency, in a robust cast iron bodied gear pump.

- Gear and shaft are one piece construction for superior resistance to fatigue.
- Large diameter journals for higher load-bearing capacity.
- Made of high strength heat treated steel, the 14-tooth gears reduce pressure ripple (noise) and improve volumetric efficiency.
- Large Teflon impregnated bushings are installed in precision bored covers for optimum alignment, providing support area capable of handling most indirect drives.
- Integrated balanced bronze pressure plate for the optimum in wear surface and strength.
- Integrated “E” seal in the pressure plate reduces clearance, offsets axial loading and balances itself as pressure increases.

The Haldex F15 offering includes a variety of porting options (SAE, DIN, NPT, BSPP, JIS), sizes and combinations of side or rear locations.  Drive shafts are available in SAE, splined, keyed and tapered.  Mounting flanges offered are SAE 2-bolt “A”, SAE 2-bolt “B”, or SAE 2/4-bolt “C” with either single or double shaft seal configuration.  The double shaft seal option is designed for use when the pump pilot extends into a crankcase or transmission to prevent fluid from one environment entering the other.  Displacement range is 19 to 50 cc (1.159 to 3.050 in.3/rev) at speeds from 600 to 3600 rpm.



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