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Welcome to Sukan's Website

Sukan Industrial Marketing Private Limited is the best dealer network in India. We trade in variety of products in the field of: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Lubrication, Industrial Electric and Industrial tools & fittings .We offer quality and reliable products that you can count on. We are an estabilished corporation specializing in supply, export/import, warehousing and trading services. Our company is based in Vadodara and has operation throughout India for the last 28 years. Sukan Industrial Marketing Private Limited deals in exports and imports of various products like Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Lubrication, Industrial Electric and Industrial tools & fittings in countries like United Arab Emirates ( U.A.E.), United States ( U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, China, Japan, Russia, Italy and many more countries. Our company’s obligation to reward pleasing and excellent delivery is supported by a skilled sales force, devoted customer service personnel and hard-working warehouse employees, all of whom do their best to make it easy dealing with us from anywhere in the world. We are proud on being able to supply the best product at the best price and deliver it to the client wherever on the world they are needed.

The Hydraulic equipment that we at SUKAN provide offers reliability and long life combined with good power and efficiency specifications. We offer wide variety of Hydraulic products, which are available in our product catalogue.

The Pneumatic technologies that are offered by SUKAN are extremely reliable and offer precise and powerful solutions in any area that pressurized gas is the best technological solution.

SUKAN also specializes in industrial electric solutions, which include an increasing number of parts, machines and industrial electric spares. The combination of the hydraulic, pneumatic and electric solutions offered by SUKAN, combined with our expertise in industrial tools and fittings supply gains for our clients the advantage of having the most proper technical, durable and economic solution for their specific needs.

Working this way we have managed to earn a reputable name in our home country – India, and to become more and more popular partner for importing Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Lubrication, Industrial Electric and Industrial tools & fittings all over the world.

The basics of our success are hiding in the way that we have built our business. We at SUKAN have a strong corporate identity, which includes:

  • Excellent and reliable services for our local and international clients.
  • Best possible prices without sacrificing quality of the product.
  • Constant quality assurance and control in our plants.
  • Reliable and quick shipment policies
  • Strong global partnerships with vendors and retailers
  • More than 28 years of market experience and success.

We are proud of fulfilling our goal to be quick, efficient, reliable and competitive, while ensuring excellent services and full customer satisfaction. Contact us to test our efficiency and the quality of our products.

Company Blog

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 03:43

The liquid that creates the pressure is the factor of which valves are working and handle the system. Using fluids is better and usable for equipment motion than using dry techniques.

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Tue, 07/03/2012 - 03:41

If a hydraulic gauge is not running properly, then the hydraulics might fail.

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09/06/2011 - 21:12

Today with a launch of our new website we would also like to anounce our new Logo please make a note of change all our stationary and documents will be updated shortly.

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09/06/2011 - 21:09

Hello Reader,

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